Mian Systems LLC
Use Cases
How do you define early value use cases? The answer is - It depends. To some executives and managers, they may
find early value in implementing tools for SDDC. It is perfectly a valid requirement to find early value in any phase of
the project.. For us, early value use cases achieve corporate mission. What this means is that we implement the
ingredients needed, such as SDDC/DevOps to deliver on corporate mission.

If the corporate mission is to increase its competitive posture in the industry, with our integrated approach, we will for
example create a brand ambassador's program per business rules and all necessary back-end technologies will be
brought into alignment with corporate mission and orchestrated. The early value comes from addressing the top tear
mission in a cohesive manner and processes are streamlined to achieve such early value.

Some examples of early value use cases are shared below:

Use Case Entertainment
You are the owner of a stadium and with the advent of 4K television, instant replay and all the technological options in
multimedia at your leisure, how do you insure rich user experience to fans that would make them come to the stadium
and watch the ball game Vs watching the game at home?

This use case has raised the bar on having the technical skills to launch SDDC. The early value is addressing growth
in revenues and SDDC is the gear and levers that are orchestrated in a cohesive manner. With our
Cloud Ideation
domain expertise, we ensure your competitive edge by generating greater revenues.

Use Case Competitive Edge
Given the aforementioned use case scenario and knowing that inventions can take place anyplace and anytime, would
it help to be able to launch innovation module in PaaS to test-drive ideation by your very own employees without
getting into the intricacies of creating virtual machines processes to support an idea? Most cloud engineering directors
may not be the special breed that are required to understand technology, BI and your business. We empower your
employees with a one click enabling module to ideate - Again, this is an early value use case.

Use Case Definition of a Cloud
Is your definition of cloud along the characteristics lines identified by NIST, such as, cloud bursting etc.? If so, we
would encourage you to define cloud; what it should mean to you and we strive to deliver just that. Remember, we
define cloud as giving you the competitive edge and to maximize your revenue stream. In our definition,  ideation in
cloud is carpe momentum.

Use Case Health Care
If for example, a patient who is treated for leg fracture in a hospital catches secondary non-injury related infection
while under hospital care, the hospital may forego up to five (5) percent of Medicare payment. Since a hospital
generates forty (40) to fifty (50) percent of its revenues from Medicare, the up to five (5) percent penalty could mean
substantial revenue loss. Static tracking and reporting to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) may not
have significance more than a historic data. Many of these hospitals may use this data to understand their issues, but
it is not enough. We analytically assess core measures, along with best practices and patient lifestyle and we empower
leaders to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Trivia: Many hospitals use mainframe. Mainframes gave us virtual machines in 1960s and 70s, but then we called them