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What future do you envision? People make their business and political decisions with their ethos
-Dr. Zinn. "But don't be too quick to assume that brand manager know how to manage brands."
-Hesselbein & Cohen. How do you make a customer invest into your brand?

Do you team up a brand manager with a CTO? Or you pair the two with a psychologist to make
them understand the emotional riches of your customer? What is the chance that decision makers
miss what is more important?

Is Mazda 6 better than Honda Accord? - Both are feature rich in their respective class. Or would
you rather have intelligence t
o start test drive with an emotional song. This is a consumer question,
but a CEO must answer it first. -Hesselbein & Cohen.

Could your vision include that your customer will fix all your problems? These are "Good Will

How should a CEO define cloud? We mentor CEOs because we possess the new technological
devotion to your customer and to your vision. We take a CEO's abstract and transform it to a
concrete deliverable with
our cloud delivery models.

We rarely use words like agile, faster or work smarter because these do not denote an end goal.
Our cloud model has ways that respects your customer and expose your employee leadership that
comes from not their containment, but from their ideation.