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CEO's Trend
One of my colleagues shared with me that when he was pursuing his PhD, he was taught that CEOs build their team
with talent that specialize in one minute aspect of the business because they are cheaper to hire. Then he added, but
this model does not serve well in the information technology discipline. About the later, my colleague did not share with
me something new. I was only pleased to find this rare view coinciding with my belief and strategy, which is essential to
empower leaders to achieve remarkable outcomes.

The new breed of CIOs must understand business,
business intelligence, technology and innovation and they must
spend time with executives and middle-line managers to produce nuggets. If the CEOs persist in benefiting from the
old club where only a few privileged a
re given membership, then outsourcing is the likely outcome that one can expect
and outsourcing is not a mark of high intelligence.

It seems, CEOs may not have a choice because they are strung by the business rules of the first "guy" who opted to
outsource, making those left behind less competitive. Let's assume everyone is outsourcing, then how does one
remain competitive?

The answer is in promoting your
native children, which the CEOs must nurture with their business rules, as intake of
globalization continues.

The answer is in innovation services with cloud as a medium.