Competitive Edge Framework
Mian Systems LLC
Strategist meeting articulates strategy.
To gain competitive edge we work towards:
  • Business driven: Cloud Strategy is
    to deliver mission statement. Map
    focus to cloud strategy.
  •  Drivers and analytic modules
  • Agility and automation: Have your
    architecture adapt to changing
    business needs. Intelligence for
    elastic automated practices,
    services and agent’s necessary to
    deliver and workload analysis to
    feed into Cloud Decision.
    Framework model.
  • Cost and productivity: Cloud is not
    ONLY about cost cutting measures;
    it is about the user productivity, rich
    experience and hypothesis driven
    analytics driven by business
  • Understand client’s cloud journey
    (maturity stage).
  • Not started, in the middle and
    understand drivers.
  • If using cloud, measure success.
How to leverage cloud to achieve competitive edge:
  • Cloud should accommodate internal resource’s innovation gear towards a rich customer experience.  (Innovations can happen
    any place and by anyone). No worries if innovation framework/gear needs developing.
  • There are models that insures a competitive edge. We work with clients to innovate competitive edge product model.